Cheesecake for Breakfast

That’s right. Classic Cheesecake for brekky.

Along with some chocolaty, nutty granola.

Looks like it’s stickin’ together like an actual bar!!!

Ah but then it crumbled as I took it out of the container. Not a problem.

I also added heaps of flax, almonds and cinnamon (even though the granola contains all of these ingredients). I wanted more.

After satisfyingly creating my concoction, I turned on the news and enjoyed in my swimsuit. To be clear, I enjoyed my yogurt. NOT the news – I hate hate hate the news but it’s the only thing that’s on in the morning (we get approx. 5 channels).

Then I ate half of this Pink Lady:

I only ate half because I don’t love it. These apples were on sale, no wonder. Darnit! Maybe I’ll cook up the rest on the stove with some cinnamon. Sounds good.


P.S. I said I was watching the news in my swimsuit because the sun is out and shining bright. It’s also very hot (about 80°F). I laid by the pool for about two hours and dove into the pool a few times because I was sweating horrendously. I might consider that my workout for the day. Ya know…cuz I sweated so much 😉

¡Hasta la vista!


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