First Time Making Kale Chips

Right when I woke up, I saw the big bag of kale that my mom and I got last night at Walmart. An urge came over me to make Kale Chips!!! I’ve heard many people rave about them, so I decided to go for it.

Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil & course salt.

Place in 350º oven for about 15 minutes.


I like these “chips.” They remind me of roasted broccoli.

Ate a couple of these and then made breakfast.

Same as yesterday except waaay more blueberries. Love ’em!

Because I made the same thing – I decided to make the photography more interesting.

Here is my breakfast sitting on a cloud of cow.


And for good measure – up close and personal:


Off to the gym after I digest.

I’m sore from my full-body workout yesterday so I just want to get some good ‘ol cardio in. I want to run outside, but the weather is telling me not to. Grrr.

Anywaaays – have a nice day!


One response

  1. I bought some “Kale Chips” and didn’t like them. I guess I think of chips as potato chips in a bag, “junk food” and they still tasted like a vegetable, so I will use them on my dinner plate!

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