Happy 2012

I hope everyone had a wonderful NYE.

Whether you stayed in & cuddled or went out & partied.

I went to The Turning Stone Casino for dinner & danced the night away at Lava Club.

Sarah and I went to dinner & later met up with two other friends we shared a hotel room with.

8:30pm drinks:

Gin & Tonics

The dinner was buffet style and I enjoyed it.

I didn’t realize my camera was on the wrong setting whoops.

My favorite was the lamb (it’s the meat mixed with the cannellini beans) and the bbq lime shrimp. God I love meat haha. The pear & gorgonzola salad was nice, as well.

The dessert bar excited me!!! It had an ice sculpture.

I literally tried everything.

But don’t worry I didn’t eat it all. I was too full.

And they didn’t taste TOO fantastic. A couple nice bites though.

All in all, it was a fun night.


I came home & breakfast was waiting for me.

THANK GOD! I was starving.

Perfect breakfast after consuming alcohol all night.

Eggs, bacon, toast, hot sauce.


The pictures of food aren’t fantastic, I didn’t have the patience to make it look good.


I was more focused on having fuuuuuun & I accomplished.


This year I am hoping I can take my blog to the next level.

I also would like to say the things I want to say and do the things I want to do. Not in a rebellious way, but in a “if the world really ends this year, regrets aren’t an option” kind of way.

I’m excited for 2012!

Happy New Year XOXO


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