My name is Casi DeSarro and I am 100% a Foodie.

I’m 21 years young and just about finished with my undergrad at Pace University in NYC. Yayyy! I will be receiving a BA in Communication Studies with a concentration in Media Studies. Exciting, right? I also love to dance, act, take photos, cook, bake, tweet, have a nice glass of wine, exercise, and eat (obviously).

I have recently discovered the power and influence that blogs have over me. Not just any type of blog, but food blogs. I have always loved food, cooking and baking…

March 2005 (Ha) My bestie Jess is on the left & I'm on the right.

…and to be honest I have gone through phases of my life where my relationship with grub was not the greatest. It was extremely frustrating actually.

June 2009

Yo-yo dieting consumed the majority of my life after I hit about 16/17 years of age. With The Food Network being my favorite television station, it was difficult to find a balance between eating delicious foods while carrying out healthy choices. Fortunately, I have finally found that balance.

November 2011

I am here to share some of the things that I create in the kitchen and also some of the delicious delights that I eat outside of my home. The name “Dash of Decadence” comes from my ability to take an ordinary dish and give it a little extra special tweak. Like I said before, I LOVE cooking, baking, and anything else that consists of eating afterwards. I’m also here to tell stories, opinions, epiphanies, and anything else that I feel the need to share with you.

It may take a little while for me to find my ‘flow’ in this blog, but bare with me please! My goal is to inspire others to make nutritious treats and healthy choices. It saddens me when I see mothers feeding their children disgusting, fake food. If you are a parent, grandparent, child, or anything in between – you have the power to enjoy food to the maximum while still maintaining your own or your children’s healthy eating habits. No diets required. Please, no use of the word “diet” should exist in your vocabulary. Lifestyle – that’s more like it.

So with all of that said, thanks for looking at my blog. If you enjoy it, pass it along! And of course, feel free to follow me or leave comments/questions.

Cheers! -Casi


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