Believe it or not, there are a few benefits of living in the Utica, NY area.


YES – the food.

If you are not from this area, you probably have not experienced the true Italian delights such as Riggies, Tomato Pie or GREENS.

We make greens all the time because they are loved by all.

In order to make Utica-style greens, you will need at least one large pot. We used two. The greens are plentiful when you start, but as they simmer down – they shrink to less than half of the volume they started. Cray cray!

After they shrank a bit, we combined the cooked down collard greens & kale. Usually we use romaine, but decided to go for even more of a healthy style (thanks to me).

As the greens cooked down even more (in chicken broth) – beans, cherry peppers, and tons of garlic cooked along.

Depending on how spicy you like your food, add in as many peppers as you please. I have to say, I wish we added more (but you know me and my need for heat).

When the greens are cooked down, ya gotta squeeze ’em out. Otherwise, they get extremely watery as they sit.

Mom’s hands pressing out the juice.

Look at all that green!

Then just throw everything into a GREEN bowl (hehe), add parmesan (and italian-style bread crumbs, we left this out for a carb-free version) and mix it all up!

Greens, ladies & gentlemen.

I was going to add a couple eggs in there for a higher protein post-workout snack, then decided to leave the goodness on its own. BUT that will certainly be on the menu tomorrow. Love love love this with eggs.

I did add some [unpictured] hot sawwwce.

You can make so many variations of this dish. Different options such as the type(s) of greens that you use, the peppers (I once used jalapeños), breadcrumbs, etc. Make it to your liking!

Well…I’m going to eat something else now.



It’s Raining, it’s Pouring & Casi is Mourning.

Seriously though. It is raining and I am mourning. Very much so. Steph Jo just left me and I am now here completely by myself. WHY!? Thank you Stephanie for making some of the best memories with me. I’m glad we got stuck as roommates 😉 I am also glad that we will be visiting each other. SOON. Love and miss you very very much.

Not even oatmeal made me feel better. Yes, Steph, you made that much of an impact on me. When food doesn’t cheer me up, you know it’s bad.

Same oatmeal as yesterday, as I am running out of food.

I then resorted to a nectarine, chocolate & green tea as a pick-me-up. Ugh…didn’t help. If that spoonful of tahini was replaced with a spoonful of Stephanie’s presence, I would certainly be a happy camper. I hope I don’t sound too gay. I don’t even care.

I’m thinking I should get out and do something rather than sit around and feel sorry for myself. Class at the gym later…maybe. Gah I leave in 8 days. Hopefully the sun shows itself soon. It’s been way too gloomy and it doesn’t help the mood.

Well I hope YOU are having a good day at least.

I’ll TTYL.