Dog Attack

So after waiting a couple hours to digest my breakfast Skype with my sister, I went for a run. It’s extremely humid outside and going to thunderstorm any minute…which I am anxiously waiting for. Gotta love hardcore thunderstorms when you have nothing to do but cuddle up inside.

On my run, I came across a dog. There were two people (brother & sister I assume) walking a dog…sans leash. The dog was running straight toward me and it felt odd to keep running, but I did. It just kind of circled me and then finally went away and followed its walkers. I giggled and nodded nicely.

About 20 minutes pass and who do I run into again? No actually… the DOG runs into me. I literally see it sprinting around the corner towards me and because I already came across him, I figured he’d just circle me and go away. NOPE.

He legit ran into my legs, almost causing me to trip over onto my face. I gathered myself and kept running but he jumped on me again and I accidentally kicked him (oops). I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. It scared me!!! The brother and sister need to control their dog. Thank GOD I’m not afraid of dogs, otherwise I might’ve died from a heart attack from this dog attack. Here’s some evidence:

Dried slobber on my Victoria Secret Yoga Pants. Cute.

[YES that is my upper thigh…that dog went wild on me…]


On a lighter note – I realized I had some thawed frozen fruit salad in the fridge waiting for me!

Along with cottage cheeeeeese! It’s been way too long.

Sprinkled with goji’s, soy beans, pepitas, and whatever else happened to be in the trail mix I bought yesterday. And cinnamon (duh). I’m going to turn into cinnamon soon…

The fruit at the bottom looks pretty gross but it’s just the concentrated juice that it’s been sitting in.

Tasty as can be! Pineapple and cottage cheese has always worked, so I figure it would be even better with all sorts of fruit. Perfect post-workout snack! Full of protein and healthy carbs.

I feel bad for those who dislike cottage cheese. Cheese (in general) completes me as a person. Truth.

Tune in later to find out what’s for dinner (and maybe a snack…or two)!