Last night I ended up eating a burger AND Ā hot dog (sans buns) and it left me feeling a bit overloaded in the calorie and fat range. So this morning I wanted a non-fat/low-cal meal.

[ Salsa atop egg whites atop mixed greens…I SO wish I had hot sauce šŸ˜¦ ]

Even though I was not up for a run yesterday, I ended up doing an at home workout.

SO many squats, frontwards and backwards (3 sets of 20 ea. way holding 8lb weights)

and also some biceps/triceps/shoulders.

My legs are killer today. You know that kind of sore that when you sit down and stand up it’s just about unbearable? That kind of sore that makes the stairs seem impossible. That is me today.

And 2 of these.



I’m about to go for a nice run to loosen up my legs.

I remember when I was in Australia and went to surf camp for a weekend, I was the sorest I had ever been in my life I think. It lasted for about a week haha because it was muscles I never even felt before.

While I was recovering, I kept stretching and stretching but the only thing that actually helped was doing some cardio. So I did some jogging and it helped immensely. This is why I feel the need to run it out right now!

Have a great Hump Day šŸ˜‰


Brekky Salad…again.

I’m not sure what has gotten into me. A salad…for breakfast…again?

I woke up and wanted eggs, looked in the fridge andĀ rememberedĀ I had boiled a couple last night. I couldn’t pass them up so what did I do? Make an egg salad brekky.

Iceberg lettuce, 1/2 vine tomato, two hard boiled eggs (one w/yolk, one without), chopped scallions, celery, homemade dressing

The salad dressing consisted of spicy brown mustard, EVOO, red wine vinegar, salt & pepp.

I know, it’s weird to have a salad for breakfast. But it was almost 11am by the time I ate so it was almost like a brunch. Yeah, that’s more acceptable.

I also had prunes and black tea. I swear I am only 22 years old.



It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

…according to my plate at least.

Egg & Greens Scramble w/added mushroom and an added cherry pepper (gotta have more spice).

I would’ve added some red pepper flakes but I made this for my mother as well…she’s not as trained in the spicy area so I decided to take one for the team.

I’m so nice.

Clementines are becoming a ‘I must have one (or two) per day or I will not survive’ type of food lately.

I don’t mind my new obsession.

I have to eat them cold though, I feel that way about apples & most other fruits too.

SO joosayyy!

Then I had dessert.

Oatmeal raisin cookie…thank you, Walmart.

What? You don’t eat dessert after breakfast? Pshh.


Happy First Friday of 2012 šŸ˜€

Just Do It

So I did it. I went to the gym. Thank GAWD! My memory is horrible but it was one of these three girls:Ā TinaĀ , Courtney or Kristen who once said “You never regret a workout.” It stuck with me ever since I read that simple statement. They are all inspirations on a daily basis, no matter who said it. So I give them all credit. Thanks guys šŸ™‚

Seriously, if you are contemplating whether to get up and move or not – JUST DO IT. It will only boost your mood.

What else will boost your mood? A cool shirt to wear at the gym.

Bought this for FIVE DOLLARS in Australia.

Pretty sure it was made for me. Score.


Post-workout meal:

Egg white scramble with green peppers, tomatoes, feta & Franks Red Hot Sauce!

I usually have to be in the right mood for green pepps but today they tasted magical. I haven’t had them in the longest time, that’s probably why.

Plus a side of apple w/Natural Chunky PB.

This apple was extra juicy. My favorite.


K I should probably shower and get ready for the day. Because I don’t have much going on this break, I’ve become very good at chilliiin. Too good, I’d say.

Eh I’ll take it …next semester is going to be the busiest one yet! Definitely looking forward to it, though (mostly because graduation is right around the corner). NYC is calling my name.


Dedicated December is almost over – be sure to finish strong!!!


All I Want For Christmas

I hard-boiled a couple of eggs yesterday so I wanted to eat them for lunch. Egg salad it is.

Here we have one whole egg and one egg white mixed with whole grain mustard, salt, pepper, chilli powder, and garlic powder atop a bed of Cos Lettuce.

I definitely would’ve rather had some mayo in there with the mustard, but I try to shy away from enemies šŸ˜‰

I also wanted the rest of the mango I had yesterday so I cut it up.

It looks so good and refreshing, but the taste lacks something. I added some sea salt in attempt to enhance the sweetness, but it didn’t make much of a difference. I want to like this fruit so badly, but I don’t know what it needs. I ended up mixing most of it with the other half of the Pink Lady apple from earlier with lemon & put it in the fridge. Hopefully that will be more delicious!

Here’s everything altogether:

Oh what’s that in the back?

Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar.

I try to have about a shot everyday because of the health benefits. But seriously I am SO HAPPY I finally finished this enormous bottle today because it is disgusting. I guess it’s good to use as dressings and such but I am scarred for life. Never again. Hopefully my body has benefited enough.

You can read more about it here.

I give my lunch today a C-. It kinda sucked because the mango was not as good as I thought it would be (it was much better yesterday cooked with tomatoes). And the egg salad wasn’t horrible it just made me want to throw mayonnaise in it. Or even greek yogurt. Siiiiiiiigh.

I really wanted a yogurt for lunch, but figured I should balance out my day with different kinds of nutrition. I just want sweets all day everyday. Maybe once I get my hands on some cheese my attitude will adjust. I’m like… The Dairy Queen. All I Want For Christmas (I’m listening to this as I type) is dairy. Cheese and yogurt please!!! Sorry nerd alert. I’m a little embarrassed.

On that note – seeeeeeeeeya!

Attack of the Siracha Sauce

After breakfast I headed outside for a walk. Halfway through it started to sprinkle on my head, but luckily it stopped. Seven hours later and it’s STILL not raining, I’m just waiting for a nice big thunderstorm.

When I got back I made some lunch & watched The View and Dr. Oz.

This definitely could have passed as a breakfast. But I like eggs anytime of the day, don’t you?

Siracha on the side…obv. With sesame rye crackers.

I actually learned this recipe from a friend.

  • SautĆ© zucchini and onion
  • Add whisked eggs (I used a whole egg, one egg white & a little skim milk)
  • Season as you go (salt and pepper)
The eggs are my favorite part. They absorb the flavors from the veggies and O-M-G. I don’t know why, but it tastes amazing. It is so simple yet one of my favorite dishes on planet earth. You must try it!

And make a lot so you have leftovers! That’s when the tastiness manifests into insanity.


Steph and I headed down to the Rec Room to watch a couple episodes of Modern Family and Gossip Girl. Ooh another fun fact: a few years ago I met one of the stars of GG. Dan Humphrey anyone?

I was 18 years old here with my friend Cara to the right and Mr. Penn Badgley in the middle. Talk about throwback.

As we watched, I enjoyed some frozen fruit salad. I made a GIANT bowl of tons of cut up fruit (pineapple, grapes, nectarines, kiwi, apple, pear) and wanted it to last so I portioned it out into serving sizes and froze ’em. I just couldn’t wait for it to thaw, plus I love frozen grapes. So refreshing!


And for dinner I made soup…again. Just like last night’s except I addedĀ cannelliniĀ beans.

And I pictured it with Siracha Sauce this time, just for you guys haha.

There must be something about soup that makes you feel good on the inside. Probably the warmth (and the great feeling that it is oh so healthy). Delish.

Steph leaves tomorrow. For those of you who don’t know who Steph is…she’s my roommate. And my best friend here in Australia. Wahhhh I’m so sad, but we’ll be visiting each other back in the states! No worries, mate šŸ˜‰

Have a good one!

Perfectly Balanced Meal

Ugh. Guess what happened? My camera broke. Actually it’s my Mom’s . . . sorry, Mom!!! She let me borrow her camera for my time abroad here in Australia because mine broke a month or so before I departed. I must be cursed. I went to turn it on and the lens just got stuck… out of nowhere! I’m charging it now, so hopefully the battery is just dead? Say your prayers…please. Otherwise, until I get a new camera (and um I’m broke… so it could be a while – unless my Dad let’s me use his…please?) I’ll be using my phone and/or webcam! Sad story.


I woke up this morning feeling like I had mono again. I also felt like that last night. I actually got mono last March so it’s been about 9 months or so since I’ve had it. Once a person gets it, they can’t get it again. But that’s exactly how I felt, seriously achy and completely nauseated. Ick, I feel better now (2 hours later – I woke up at 5am!?!?) after taking Motrin, Tylenol, eating breakfast & drinking green tea. I wonder what the remedy was? Maybe a combo of all of them.


Alright. Food. Reminder: the following photos were taken with my phone camera or webcam (this is a judgement free zone people).

K moving on. Has anyone tried tempeh? It’s like a soybean patty. That sounds so gross but it’s not that bad. I saw it in the store on sale (in the cheese section?), so I wanted to try it after hearing about it from Allie.

I had this yesterday for lunch. I cooked it with zucchini (the last of it…sad face) and onions. I also marinated it in the fridge with EVOO, garlic, salt & pepp for a bit before cooking. It can be eaten raw, but I’d rather not.

It turned out pretty good. For you texture-picky people out there…eh. Not sure if you’d like. It’s way different than tofu because it is more …beany. I am not sure I’ll purchase it again – didn’t love it.

But of course anything with tzatziki (and zucchini) is magnif. Love tzatziki.


And for dinner I had some real meat! I think my body was craving it so I decided to have half of a burger.

I ate it with a bunch of basil leaves, raw tomatoes, and onions that I cooked in some of the fat from the burg.

I added some spicy mustard after I took these pics and that was quite delightful.



And as for my favorite meal of the day – today’s BREAKFAST:

Wow – look at that perfectly balanced meal. We have one egg white, one over-easy egg (my very first time making over-easy eggs, I usually stick to sunny-side up because I’m afraid I’ll break the yolk but I didn’t!), brocooli & greens, sesame rye crisps, a nectarine, and green tea.

My favorite part of course is poking the egg to make it all runny. I layered it on a sesame rye crisp with some greens. The beautifully bright orange yolk tastes like cheese sauce. OH YES.

And the perfect sweet ending to this savory dish was a very juicy nectarine. I’ve had a bunch of these in the fridge for weeks and they are definitely staying fresh!

Sweet. Isn’t it funny to look back at our childhood’s and remember our parents begging us to finish our meals? Well, Mom… you have definitely won that battle. Nothin’ but pit!


Hope everyone’s December is off to a kick-a$$ start. Christmas shopping? I love buying for others (ugh, but again I’m so broke…). Oh well, today Steph and I are going to a market to hopefully find some cheap souvenirs. Boomerang, anyone?