Last night I ended up eating a burger AND  hot dog (sans buns) and it left me feeling a bit overloaded in the calorie and fat range. So this morning I wanted a non-fat/low-cal meal.

[ Salsa atop egg whites atop mixed greens…I SO wish I had hot sauce 😦 ]

Even though I was not up for a run yesterday, I ended up doing an at home workout.

SO many squats, frontwards and backwards (3 sets of 20 ea. way holding 8lb weights)

and also some biceps/triceps/shoulders.

My legs are killer today. You know that kind of sore that when you sit down and stand up it’s just about unbearable? That kind of sore that makes the stairs seem impossible. That is me today.

And 2 of these.



I’m about to go for a nice run to loosen up my legs.

I remember when I was in Australia and went to surf camp for a weekend, I was the sorest I had ever been in my life I think. It lasted for about a week haha because it was muscles I never even felt before.

While I was recovering, I kept stretching and stretching but the only thing that actually helped was doing some cardio. So I did some jogging and it helped immensely. This is why I feel the need to run it out right now!

Have a great Hump Day 😉