Apple Pie

And the last flavor of yogurt I had the pleasure of eating this morning:

Apple Pie!

This is my favorite one yet! It has actual apple in it and once again, this breakfast could definitely pass as a dessert.

My sweet tooth just seems to get sweeter and sweeter on a daily basis. It’s all I ever want.

Topped the yogurt with fruit & nut granola and cinnamon.

I wanted more.

Instead I had two gingernut cookies…

Love the crunch and zing of these.

I woke up at about 5:20am because I felt pretty icky. I don’t know why this happens occasionally… nausea and body aches. I don’t like it! It reminds me too much of my Mono days. Ew.

I’m not feeling 100% better since awakening three hours ago, but the gingernut cookies definitely didn’t hurt 😉

It’s green tea time!


Beans Beans they’re good for your heart…

I was starving at 4pm. And I don’t do snacks well, at least not when I am ravenously hungry.

I grabbed part of my Fruit & Nut “granola bar” and shoved it into my mouth. I cannot believe I actually had the patience to take a picture before demolishing. Impressive. Oh and I also ate a Gingernut Cookie. They were crying out for me in the cabinet.

[Notice my cute star slipper from Kmart.]

Obviously I was not nearly satisfied so I decided it was time for dinner. And that I just happened to have my dessert beforehand.

Mmmm! Anything with sauteed onions and garlic is a winning dish to me! This contains:

  • Lentils
  • Cannelinni Beans
  • Frozen Peas & Corn
  • Chopped Tomato
  • Chopped Onion
  • EVOO, Salt, Pepper

I didn’t even have the patience of cooking the beans long enough. It all tasted wonderful though. Mighty Ducks happened to be on TV.

Then I decided it needed a little spice (Siracha, obvs.):

Oh yeah that’s what I’m talkin about!

After I tried the apple/mango mixture I made earlier in a panic to make the mango taste better (second dessert?). Eh it was better but not great. Darnit. Maybe I’ll try something different with it tomorrow.

I have a headache and it’s raining. I just want to go to sleep but it’s only 5:15pm. LAME.

Cheesecake for Breakfast

That’s right. Classic Cheesecake for brekky.

Along with some chocolaty, nutty granola.

Looks like it’s stickin’ together like an actual bar!!!

Ah but then it crumbled as I took it out of the container. Not a problem.

I also added heaps of flax, almonds and cinnamon (even though the granola contains all of these ingredients). I wanted more.

After satisfyingly creating my concoction, I turned on the news and enjoyed in my swimsuit. To be clear, I enjoyed my yogurt. NOT the news – I hate hate hate the news but it’s the only thing that’s on in the morning (we get approx. 5 channels).

Then I ate half of this Pink Lady:

I only ate half because I don’t love it. These apples were on sale, no wonder. Darnit! Maybe I’ll cook up the rest on the stove with some cinnamon. Sounds good.


P.S. I said I was watching the news in my swimsuit because the sun is out and shining bright. It’s also very hot (about 80°F). I laid by the pool for about two hours and dove into the pool a few times because I was sweating horrendously. I might consider that my workout for the day. Ya know…cuz I sweated so much 😉

¡Hasta la vista!

I Heart Grocery Shopping

Seriously I love it. More than anything!!! I knowww I knowww I have no money. I do own a couple credit cards though… necessities are necessities.

The thing is, I am leaving in just about a week. I really didn’t want to buy more food before leaving but I honestly only have two oranges, a couple lemons and part of a zucchini & cucumber left. OH and a frozen burger.

I cannot live off of that nonsense for more than a day. Therefore, I convinced myself to get minimal needs for the rest of my time here. But then I walked into Woolworths…

Necessary? No. But they were cheap AND in the health food section. They really aren’t bad…gluten & dairy free (not that those are concerns) and about 60 calories for two cookies. Plus they get me into the Christmas spirit! Oh yes they are totallllly necessary.


Uh…yum!? Apple pie, cheesecake and sticky date yogurt!?

I was actually planning on buying yogurt because it is a staple for me and these were on sale! Holla.


Haven’t had soy beans in the longest time and when I saw this combo I nearly drooled thinking about them in my yogurt. Necessity.


I laugh at myself on a daily basis. Here’s one of the reasons. I literally scared the woman next to me as I jumped to grab these when I saw this decent-sized bag was only $1.99! PRUNES…. I know.

I also bought lettuce, two mangos, three apples, two onions, and some garlic.


I had it in the back of my mind that I wanted to make granola (bars). They’ll be perfect for travels and I can eat them with my new delicious yogurt. So I went to town.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk to the left. Fruit & Nut to the right.

In this chocolaty/peanut buttery bar we have: oats, peanuts, almonds, cinnamon, pinch of  salt, vanilla extract, chopped dark chocolate, chopped ginger cookie (had to), tahini & honey (as the binder). These are more likely to stay together as actual bars, unlike these:

Yeah I’m thinking this is going to turn into granola. I was too anxious to carefully stir it all together correctly and I don’t think they’ll stick. We’ll see tomorrow, though.

They contain: oats, almonds, prunes, cinnamon, vanilla extract, pinch of salt, tahini & honey (as the binder), chopped gingernut cookie, and a majority of the goji/soy nut/etc. trail mix.

I snacked so hard on all of these delightful treats, therefore I will have a very light din. Maybe cottage cheese and something else. Unconventional, per usual… But I haven’t had cottage cheese in like- 6 months! Craving it.

I didn’t blog at all yesterday (and barely today) because I have been eating the same meals: oatmeal, yogurt, salads, blah blah blah. What can I say – I don’t like being a bore! Also, I will no longer be having oatmeal for brekky (sad face) because I used the rest of my oats on these damn granola bars. No worries, I will demolish them in no time. Probs for breakfast.