It’s Raining, it’s Pouring & Casi is Mourning.

Seriously though. It is raining and I am mourning. Very much so. Steph Jo just left me and I am now here completely by myself. WHY!? Thank you Stephanie for making some of the best memories with me. I’m glad we got stuck as roommates 😉 I am also glad that we will be visiting each other. SOON. Love and miss you very very much.

Not even oatmeal made me feel better. Yes, Steph, you made that much of an impact on me. When food doesn’t cheer me up, you know it’s bad.

Same oatmeal as yesterday, as I am running out of food.

I then resorted to a nectarine, chocolate & green tea as a pick-me-up. Ugh…didn’t help. If that spoonful of tahini was replaced with a spoonful of Stephanie’s presence, I would certainly be a happy camper. I hope I don’t sound too gay. I don’t even care.

I’m thinking I should get out and do something rather than sit around and feel sorry for myself. Class at the gym later…maybe. Gah I leave in 8 days. Hopefully the sun shows itself soon. It’s been way too gloomy and it doesn’t help the mood.

Well I hope YOU are having a good day at least.

I’ll TTYL.