Christmas 2011

I hope everyone enjoyed Christmas this year! I did.

We started out at home by opening prezzies and playing with them for a couple hours. SANTA BROUGHT ME A NEW CAMERA! I was surprised to say the least. I was obnoxious with it all day long.

Then we headed to Grammy & Grandpa’s house for a lovely brunch & more prezzies.

I was satisfied with this delicious appetizer spread. Shrimp will always have my heart.

Then the table was set and the food was comin out!

I was ready.

Ham, Scalloped Potatoes, Green Bean Casserole, Broccoli, 5 Cup Salad on the side. OH and that’s mustard in the middle (GREY POUPON… I love that I appreciate good mustard these days).

Twas delish.

We then opened presents while I ate about 2,000 cookies.

They were sitting in front of my face, I had to.


SO light & airy. Perfectly sweet.

I have always been a lil messy hehe!

Loved the star one’s too, the shape AND the taste yummy.

OKAY they were all amaze! No complaints here.

After presents…MORE dessert!

Aunt Mary at your service.

I requested a smaller slice of the traditional Jubilee Roll 🙂

YUM. Love the pink part the best. And the nuts.

My work here is done. See I wrote my name in it? Ha.

Afterwards, we headed to see my other Grandma (Italian-style) and I can’t lie… I ate some ravioli & meatballs and some random goodies. Definitely couldn’t resist (Grandma’s famous sauce is irresistible).

And there you have my lovely food-filled Xmas.


But have no fear, I went for a nice 4.7 mile run today. It was too cold and was pissed at myself in the beginning because it was borderline torture. But once I got into my groove, the runner’s high hit and I was good to go. I could’ve definitely ran even more! BUT I didn’t.

I am feeling headachy and just yucky right now. Could it be… jetlag hitting me two weeks late? No. Maybe? But I just hope that’s what it is because I seriously do not want to be sick. PLEASEEEEEE!

I hope no one is experience PCD (Post Christmas Disorder). Do you like my acronyms? It’s my new thing. Fortunately, PCD is not affecting me this year because I’m just happy looking forward to getting back to NYC (New York City….ha) for my last semester of college. I love having something to look forward to. But first, New Years…? Yeah, no plans as of right now. I’m hoping that changes asap. 2012 is almost here, unbelievable.

How are you going to spend your last week of 2011?

Make it a good one – Casi XoXo