Just Do It

So I did it. I went to the gym. Thank GAWD! My memory is horrible but it was one of these three girls: Tina , Courtney or Kristen who once said “You never regret a workout.” It stuck with me ever since I read that simple statement. They are all inspirations on a daily basis, no matter who said it. So I give them all credit. Thanks guys 🙂

Seriously, if you are contemplating whether to get up and move or not – JUST DO IT. It will only boost your mood.

What else will boost your mood? A cool shirt to wear at the gym.

Bought this for FIVE DOLLARS in Australia.

Pretty sure it was made for me. Score.


Post-workout meal:

Egg white scramble with green peppers, tomatoes, feta & Franks Red Hot Sauce!

I usually have to be in the right mood for green pepps but today they tasted magical. I haven’t had them in the longest time, that’s probably why.

Plus a side of apple w/Natural Chunky PB.

This apple was extra juicy. My favorite.


K I should probably shower and get ready for the day. Because I don’t have much going on this break, I’ve become very good at chilliiin. Too good, I’d say.

Eh I’ll take it …next semester is going to be the busiest one yet! Definitely looking forward to it, though (mostly because graduation is right around the corner). NYC is calling my name.


Dedicated December is almost over – be sure to finish strong!!!



Cheesecake for Breakfast

That’s right. Classic Cheesecake for brekky.

Along with some chocolaty, nutty granola.

Looks like it’s stickin’ together like an actual bar!!!

Ah but then it crumbled as I took it out of the container. Not a problem.

I also added heaps of flax, almonds and cinnamon (even though the granola contains all of these ingredients). I wanted more.

After satisfyingly creating my concoction, I turned on the news and enjoyed in my swimsuit. To be clear, I enjoyed my yogurt. NOT the news – I hate hate hate the news but it’s the only thing that’s on in the morning (we get approx. 5 channels).

Then I ate half of this Pink Lady:

I only ate half because I don’t love it. These apples were on sale, no wonder. Darnit! Maybe I’ll cook up the rest on the stove with some cinnamon. Sounds good.


P.S. I said I was watching the news in my swimsuit because the sun is out and shining bright. It’s also very hot (about 80°F). I laid by the pool for about two hours and dove into the pool a few times because I was sweating horrendously. I might consider that my workout for the day. Ya know…cuz I sweated so much 😉

¡Hasta la vista!