Every 6 Year Old’s Nightmare

The weather had me in the mood for a nice hot drink. Skim latte with one splenda. It tasted like hot chocolate to me because I’m used to black coffee. Decadence? YUH.

It’s the little things I tell ya.

The roads on the way to the mall:

Yes I went to the mall AGAIN.

New panties yay! Do you hate the word panties? I love it, but I hear many people hate it.



By the time I got home (5ish) I was starved!

Vegetables it is!

I decided to roast broccoli & brussel sprouts (every 6 year old’s nightmare).

Popped these green goodies in the oven and while they cooked I sipped on some red vino with mama.

The glass to the right is mine. Bought two of those glasses from Crate & Barrel last Xmas for my mom. Love the shape.

I couldn’t help myself but pluck a few off the piping hot tray as I pulled them out of the oven. Roasted vegetables are so delicious, I cannot have them any other way now. All you need is EVOO, salt and pepper. Easy peasy!

Frank’s Red Hot is the perfect pairing (as it is with any other food on planet earth).

This + wine = smiles all around.

I am thinking since I had such a light dinner I’m gonna have some dessert. Or cheese. Or both.

Have a nice night!


Do you like snowy winters or do you dread it every year?



Guess where I went tonight? To the gym to take a class, even though I previously decided against it!!! I am very proud of myself for going, rain and all.

Wow the animals and bugs that come out when it’s wet outside. Frogs, slugs, worms… all of which are extremely large. They disturb me.

I arrived to the gym about a half hour early because I honestly had nothing better to do. So, I went across the street to the mall and looked around Coles. Yes with a whole mall at my fingertips, I chose the grocery store. It’s who I am. I stole grabbed a date and I’m so glad I did because I didn’t have a pre-workout snack. Do you like dates? Oh my oh my they are like candy.

There were only 3 of us in class. It was pretty much a personal training sesh cuz the teacher was working with me the entire time (cuz I am the only one who’s never taken it before). The instructor was a very nice Latino man, half the time I couldn’t understand what he was yelling out over the incredibly loud spanish music. We ended on a Madonna song, which really surprised me (and made me laugh heavily on the inside).

The class consisted of a serious amount of all sorts of kicking and punching. Which makes lots of sense seeing as it’s called Fit Combat. Before tonight I was still sore from my workout on Monday, now I am going to be completely donezo… can’t wait for that feeling tomorrow. It was definitely fun and a nice way to switch up my usual routine at the gym.

I’m pretty sure Mr. Instructor man was offended when he saw me on the treadmill afterwards. Little did he know, I was only trying to cool down to tame my bright red face before entering the weight area (you have you cross through in order to get to the locker room/bathroom). Is it a law that hot males must attend the gym only at nighttime? I’m going to say it is because DANG there were more than a handful of good looking young aussies tossing around iron tonight. I’m definitely a morning gym-goer but I might have to rethink that…


I wasn’t really hungry when I got home. Post-workout food is very important though so I made a nice little unconventional din. Let the phone camera pix commence:

Yep – that there is veggies and yogurt.

An impressive dinner that I’m sure you’re jealous of…


Stir up the yogurt and whatdya get?

This really gross looking brown stuff.

It tasted very refreshing though. Cocoa powder + vanilla yogurt = pudding-like yumminess. I was thinking about having just this for dinner, but then I realized I should have broccoli and zucchini for good measure.

Talk about unconventional, but hey it worked.


It’s suppose to rain until I depart. What is the point of being in Australia for another week when it’s just going to rain? Seriously, I have nothing to do but lay in the sun and now I don’t even have that. Dag nabbit!

K. Off to Dreamland…

Perfectly Balanced Meal

Ugh. Guess what happened? My camera broke. Actually it’s my Mom’s . . . sorry, Mom!!! She let me borrow her camera for my time abroad here in Australia because mine broke a month or so before I departed. I must be cursed. I went to turn it on and the lens just got stuck… out of nowhere! I’m charging it now, so hopefully the battery is just dead? Say your prayers…please. Otherwise, until I get a new camera (and um I’m broke… so it could be a while – unless my Dad let’s me use his…please?) I’ll be using my phone and/or webcam! Sad story.


I woke up this morning feeling like I had mono again. I also felt like that last night. I actually got mono last March so it’s been about 9 months or so since I’ve had it. Once a person gets it, they can’t get it again. But that’s exactly how I felt, seriously achy and completely nauseated. Ick, I feel better now (2 hours later – I woke up at 5am!?!?) after taking Motrin, Tylenol, eating breakfast & drinking green tea. I wonder what the remedy was? Maybe a combo of all of them.


Alright. Food. Reminder: the following photos were taken with my phone camera or webcam (this is a judgement free zone people).

K moving on. Has anyone tried tempeh? It’s like a soybean patty. That sounds so gross but it’s not that bad. I saw it in the store on sale (in the cheese section?), so I wanted to try it after hearing about it from Allie.

I had this yesterday for lunch. I cooked it with zucchini (the last of it…sad face) and onions. I also marinated it in the fridge with EVOO, garlic, salt & pepp for a bit before cooking. It can be eaten raw, but I’d rather not.

It turned out pretty good. For you texture-picky people out there…eh. Not sure if you’d like. It’s way different than tofu because it is more …beany. I am not sure I’ll purchase it again – didn’t love it.

But of course anything with tzatziki (and zucchini) is magnif. Love tzatziki.


And for dinner I had some real meat! I think my body was craving it so I decided to have half of a burger.

I ate it with a bunch of basil leaves, raw tomatoes, and onions that I cooked in some of the fat from the burg.

I added some spicy mustard after I took these pics and that was quite delightful.



And as for my favorite meal of the day – today’s BREAKFAST:

Wow – look at that perfectly balanced meal. We have one egg white, one over-easy egg (my very first time making over-easy eggs, I usually stick to sunny-side up because I’m afraid I’ll break the yolk but I didn’t!), brocooli & greens, sesame rye crisps, a nectarine, and green tea.

My favorite part of course is poking the egg to make it all runny. I layered it on a sesame rye crisp with some greens. The beautifully bright orange yolk tastes like cheese sauce. OH YES.

And the perfect sweet ending to this savory dish was a very juicy nectarine. I’ve had a bunch of these in the fridge for weeks and they are definitely staying fresh!

Sweet. Isn’t it funny to look back at our childhood’s and remember our parents begging us to finish our meals? Well, Mom… you have definitely won that battle. Nothin’ but pit!


Hope everyone’s December is off to a kick-a$$ start. Christmas shopping? I love buying for others (ugh, but again I’m so broke…). Oh well, today Steph and I are going to a market to hopefully find some cheap souvenirs. Boomerang, anyone?