I’m Baaaaack!

Hi! I made it back safe & sound from Australia a week ago. Is it weird that I am not feeling jet-lagged at all? It’s a 14 hour time difference, what’s going on? Maybe I’m SuperWoman or something…probs.

ANYWAYS it’s nice to be back, it’s like I never left. Except it is because the last time I was home it was summer and now BAM it’s winter…although it’s raining!? WTF! Gimme some snow. That’s okay though because it means it’s a little warmer and I got a couple runs in outside.

Outside running > indoor running. The natural hills & cars driving by is motivation in itself to keep going. Instead of running inside on a treadmill like a mouse in a wheel. Ick.

Running is definitely necessary with all of the cookie-making that’s been going on.

OH and P.S. I still have no camera. UGH! Therefore, my Blackberry camera will have to do for now.

These cookies I found from Kristin here. She is one of the bloggers I religiously follow – check out her website, she’s great!

They came out of the oven & it was love at first site! Love ’em! Now they actually taste like brownies, which is definitely not a bad thing. They are moist (do you hate that word? ‘Cause I love it…) and nice ‘n chocolaty. AND very easy to make.

I made a bunch more cookies including meringues! I am in love with meringues in general and let me just tell you – I knocked these babies out of the park.

  • 4 Egg Whites
  • 3/4 Cup Sugar
  • 1/4 Tsp Pure Vanilla Extract
  • 1/2 Cup Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips
  • Optional Food Coloring
1. Preheat Oven 350ºF
2. Beat Eggs until stiff.
3. Gradually add Sugar/Vanilla/Food Coloring
4. Fold in Chocolate Chips
5. Plop tablespoon (or whatever size you’d like) of mixture onto baking sheets covered w/foil or parchment paper
5. Place cookies into oven & immediately turn oven OFF.
6. Let sit for at least two hours (hard, I know)
7. Take out in a few hours & enjoy!

OKAAAY I know…these are pink. I didn’t add enough red dye but they are still adorbs. Idea for Valentine’s Day? I think YES. The next batch I did white with green & red sprinkles, but I ended up baking them for too long and turned a slight orange color. Still very very delicious. See the chocolate chip hiding in there?

I love the crunchy outer shell and the soft, delicate center. They would be good without the chocolate chips, but I like them with! The more chocolate, the better! 😉


And as for breakfast this morning, I finally tried Gingerbread Oatmeal.

I just threw in a pot: oats, flax, water, milk, cinnamon, ground ginger, ground clove, molasses, pinch of salt, and the rest of an energy mix that mostly consisted of granola and cranberries. I didn’t measure anything, I like to eyeball.

I decided something was missing (sweetness) so I added brown sugar. There ya go. Exactly what it needed! It was pretty good, I want to try pumpkin oatmeal next. Can you tell I LOVE this time of year?


THREE days until Christmas. Unbelievable. I hope you are getting in all of your last minute shopping 🙂 ! I still have a few things to conquer GAH.