The Lotus Garden

Tonight my Mom and I went out to dinner. The Lotus Garden is a restaurant in Utica, NY and I would say that this place definitely has top notch Asian food. Especially for this area.

We ordered two entrees and shared them both.

But first, the appetizer.

It’s BYOB so we brought (and finished) a bottle of red.

The calamari was absolutely delicious.

I ordered the special with chicken:

Chicken, red & green bell peppers, bamboo, baby corns, pineapple – all in a coconut/lemongrass sauce.

At this restaurant, you choose your own heat index. It’s 1-5, 1 being mild and 5 being hot.

I chose 3 even though my mom recommended 2 because of previous dishes she’s had here. I’m not sure if it was the wine, but this dish was not spicy to me at all! I liked this but I liked what my mom chose even better.

Good thing we shared them both.

The funny thing is, she was so worried about mine being too spicy for her – but what she ordered was waaaay spicier than mine…and it was called “Lotus Garden Sweet Shrimp.” SWEET. No, more like spicy. The perfect spicy.

Thank GOD we shared.



Come here and eat this shrimp. Now. Or forever hold your peace.

And invite me.

After we headed to Walmart to get ice cream. We ended up full out grocery shopping. Food for days, I was smiling big as we loaded up!


It’s Complicated is on and I just enjoyed some ice cream.

Love this movie. Love dessert.

Edy’s Fudge Tracks!

I’m exhausted and I cannot wait to fall asleep.

Wine headaches make me feel woozy.


Tomorrow is Friday and I want to go out but I also want to feel 100% great on Saturday (NYE). So we’ll see what happens, it’ll probably be a chill night.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thursday!

Nighty night.


Every 6 Year Old’s Nightmare

The weather had me in the mood for a nice hot drink. Skim latte with one splenda. It tasted like hot chocolate to me because I’m used to black coffee. Decadence? YUH.

It’s the little things I tell ya.

The roads on the way to the mall:

Yes I went to the mall AGAIN.

New panties yay! Do you hate the word panties? I love it, but I hear many people hate it.



By the time I got home (5ish) I was starved!

Vegetables it is!

I decided to roast broccoli & brussel sprouts (every 6 year old’s nightmare).

Popped these green goodies in the oven and while they cooked I sipped on some red vino with mama.

The glass to the right is mine. Bought two of those glasses from Crate & Barrel last Xmas for my mom. Love the shape.

I couldn’t help myself but pluck a few off the piping hot tray as I pulled them out of the oven. Roasted vegetables are so delicious, I cannot have them any other way now. All you need is EVOO, salt and pepper. Easy peasy!

Frank’s Red Hot is the perfect pairing (as it is with any other food on planet earth).

This + wine = smiles all around.

I am thinking since I had such a light dinner I’m gonna have some dessert. Or cheese. Or both.

Have a nice night!


Do you like snowy winters or do you dread it every year?