Don’t try this at home.

I love avocados! The taste, the texture… everything about them is perfection. They definitely completed my dinner last night.

(If you are new, I am using my phone for pictures until I get my hands on a new [unbroken] camera.)

I sauteed broccoli with mini chicken meatballs and garlic (& sea salt). It rests on a lemon-squeeze enhanced bed of lettuce.

And the best part = half of a sliced avocado (also doused in lemon & sea salt) with two dipping sauces: Hot Siracha and Tzatziki. Love.

Dessert: Perfectly Ripe Peach.


After watching 3 episodes of Gossip Girl (starting it over – season 1, it’s so different!), Steph and I went for a nice night walk. The temperature was perfect and the air felt amazing. I definitely recommend.


Breakfast this morning:

As promised, I tried out Orange Dark Chocolate Oatmeal……:(

Good idea, not well executed. This is how it turned out:

Weird. Yeah cocoa powder does not belong in oatmeal. I figure this would taste better if I used orange zest (instead of the juice) – but of course there is no zester here. And instead of cocoa powder, using a piece or two of dark chocolate chopped up would be much tastier.

The saving factors: I drizzled it with honey (made it slightly better), the almonds and the oranges on the side tasted so juicy and good! I’m not going to even tell you how exactly I made this because I don’t recommend it.

But that’s what this site is about, trying new things. Some ideas work and others don’t. This one earned an ‘D+’. It didn’t fail because I know I can tweak it and the effort was there, right? RIGHT.

I finished it even though I didn’t care for it. No wasted food here! I needed my fuel for the gym, tasty or not.

Since I’m low in iron (according to a recent blood test), I’ve been taking one of these a couple of times per week. I’ll be getting another blood test in about a month so hopefully my levels will be up to par!


Currently, I’m finishing my green tea and then off to the gym I go. Not gonna let this gloomy day get me down. Plus it’s Monday here and I gotta start the week out right! You should, too.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend!